What is Cosmic Chatter?

Cosmic Chatter is about science.  Science shapes every aspect of our lives today and through the lens of astronomy (no pun intended!) we explore it in all its excitement and opportunity.  How can humans take their first steps into the larger solar system?  What's on the cutting edge of astrophysics and how does that affect us here on Earth?  How can an understanding of the cosmos change how we view life on our own planet?  Many of these questions don't yet have answers, but it's the process of finding them, not the answers themselves, which makes the journey so exciting!


Who are we?

Morgan Rehnberg 


My name is Morgan Rehnberg and I'm a graduate student in the University of Colorado - Boulder's Department of Astrophysics and Planetary Science.  At work, I study the rings of Saturn and develop software to help detect near-Earth asteroids.  But more than that, I'm someone who enjoys science and sharing science with others.  I love pulling out my personal telescope and just setting up for people to wander by.  I love talking to kids' groups.  I love podcasting about science.  Bottom line is, I get excited about science and want you to be, too.

Becky Nevin

Hi - I'm Becky and I am just beginning life as a grad student at the University of Colorado. I'm currently working on understanding how galaxies merge and what happens to their central black holes in this process.

When I'm not doing science, I spend my spare time playing rugby, running, enjoying Boulder's microbreweries, and writing about science. I'm excited to share what I know and welcome any feedback!