Come see me tomorrow night!

In the Denver-Boulder area?  Interested in a neat play and some good discussion?  Naropa Universtiy is premiering a new play by Jessica Litwak, The Moons of Jupiter, tomorrow night at 7:30.  Their website describes it as:

A futuristic drama depicting a world without water, a predicted future which has finally come, setting in motion furious problem solving debates, diatribes and thoughtful discussion among the Greek Gods, forever observing and meddling from above; gifted and terrified earthbound mortals who might have the answer but lack confidence; and a chorus of dead but deeply concerned commentators from the pantheon of western science. All convene, to find a solution.

I'm thrilled to be joining them afterwards for a panel discussion about the effects of climate change here on Earth and it'd be great to have some other voices join the conversion.  See you then!