See me tonight and tomorrow on Cosmoquest's Hangoutathon!


No, I'm pretty sure Hangoutathon isn't a real word, but it is a worthy cause!  The fine folks over at Cosmoquest are right now in the midst of a 36-hour hangout to raise awareness of and money for their efforts towards citizen science.  And I'm happy to announce that I'll be joining them not once, but twice in the next 24 hours!  

First up, I'll be recording an episode of Astronomy Cast with Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay at 2 AM EDT (06:00 GMT).  Hopefully that' a sane time somewhere for someone...  The topic will be the rings of Saturn.

Nine hours later, I'll be sitting down for a special edition of the Weekly Space Hangout.  That starts at 11 AM EDT (15:00 GMT).

The full schedule is available here.

This 36-hour Hangoutathon is kicking off a 36-day fundraising drive, in which Cosmoquest is hoping to raise over $295,000 to fund their citizen science projects, such as Moon Mappers.  Not only is citizen science a great educational tool for people of all ages, it's actually an incredibly valuable resource for scientists.  With budgets shrinking and the torrents of data only increasing, finding ways to help people donate just a few minutes of their time to important scientific endeavors will be critical to science going forward.  If you'd like to donate, you can do so by clicking here.  Donations are accepted through the University of Southern Illinois - Edwardsville, so they are tax deductible here in the United States.