Welcome, Becky!

It turns out space is a pretty busy place - who would've thought?  Busy enough, in fact, that we here at Cosmic Chatter aren't able to keep up with the torrent of exciting new discoveries that scientists are making every day.  So, we're bringing in help!  I'm thrilled to welcome Becky Nevin to our team.  Becky is a fellow graduate student of mine here at the University of Colorado and she comes to us from Unravelling the Sky, where she has delved into the science behind many of the common astronomy misconceptions out there today.  As a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, she's also an exceptional researcher with an interest in other galaxies and the instruments we use to study them.

Becky will be bringing us some longer-form content to entertain, provoke, and (hopefully!) excite you about where humanity is going in space and how we're going to get there.  Stay tuned for more...