We're still here!

 NASA Langley's grand prize winner. (Image credit:  NASA/Rachel Pike)

NASA Langley's grand prize winner. (Image credit: NASA/Rachel Pike)

Sorry to disappear on you like that! Last week I was at the second annual ComSciCon science communication conference in Boston.  There I joined some of the best and brightest young scientists to explore the growing field of science outreach and public communication.  I met some great people and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to share some details about upcoming projects shortly!

This week I'm on vacation in the great Northwoods of Wisconsin.  There is something really amazing about disconnecting from the rapid-fire news and infotainment environment that we all find ourselves in these days.  Not being able to check my phone is both freeing and agonizing - talk about a dependence!

I recorded June's Monthly News Roundup a week ago, so keep your eyes open for that and sorry about only covering half a month's worth of news...  Becky has another great story in the works and I'm excited to see it at the same time you do.

In lieu of any actual news today, check out the amazing drawings submitted by schoolchildren in response to NASA's request for drawings about the theme "The Future is Now."  The grand prize winner can be seen above, but click here to see all the winners on NASA's Flickr page.  I sure wish I could draw even a little as well as these kids...