Cosmic Chatter

An app for every need

Control Server

The beating heart of Constellation, Control Server connects all the components in your gallery.

Media Player

Simple, yet powerful digital signage. Show an image, play a video, or create playlists of both.


Create touchscreen interactives that enable visitors to explore text, view images, and watch videos.

Media Browser

Create collections of videos and images that visitors can filter and explore.

Word Cloud

Create and display interactive word clouds that visitors can add to throughout the day.

Timelapse Viewer

Scroll through sequences of images using one of several control schemes.

Voting Kiosk

Collect survey data with this simple, one-question kiosk. Rotate questions over time to collect more feedback.

Manage your gallery with the click of a button

Get real-time status updates

  • Quickly see if a component is offline
  • Be alerted to projector issues as soon as they occur
  • Wake, sleep, or restart individual components
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Schedule automatic actions

  • Wake and sleep PCs, displays, and projectors
  • Change digital signage and other exhibit elements
  • Manage recurring or one-off schedules
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Track exhibit maintenance

  • Sync maintenance notes for each component
  • Track component status
  • Assign tasks to technicians
  • Include components that are not part of Constellation
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Track better. Evaluate more.

Create custom interfaces for evaluation

  • Build custom interfaces to aid evaluators and surveys
  • Automatically sync data to the Control Server
  • Supports counters, sliders, timers, free-response, and more
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Collect visitor feedback automatically

  • Simple, one-click voting system for touchscreens
  • Enter custom questions, buttons, etc.
  • Change the question remotely at the click of a button
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